Achille - chatterbot

Version française

At last, that happened! I couldn't resist trying to build a chat bot (thanks to Captain, for his suzie). I mainly did it for fun, this is not a serious, professional work. It is based on a IRC VladBot2.1h.

Thus, Achille tries to detect sentences where users talk to it. Then, it gives an adapted response (they are diverse): it depends on relationship you have with it (if you are not sympathical to it, ask it politely, or if it bore you, ask it to keep quiet, don't insult it).

To try Achille, here is one version (perhaps not the very last one, but perhaps yes). Let me a comment.

The current Achille's master gave me the address of the new version (Stere tries to improve Achille, but I can't be held responsible for this version).

A more direct way to see Achille working is IRCnet, on channel #nancy. Be warned: this version talks French.

You can see more details on Achille and on its future "son" here.

François Parmentier (H_I on IRC)