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Natural Language Processing

Association for Computational Linguistics
A international research site.
Computational Semantics
A book
Survey of the State of the Art in Human Language Technology
Can you say more? Chapter 6 on Discourse and Dialogue
English words with semantic links. Very interesting.
The same in European languages.
Probert Encyclopaedia
A encyclopaedia in english. Text version available.
Gutenberg Project
Many domain public books.
Discourse Oriented Representation and Inference System
A framework for computational semantics: a european research group.
Natural Language Processing Group
Official research (University of Edinburgh).
Links on Automatic Text Summarization
This is a provisional webpage for the OpenNLP, a project which has the goal of facilitating the creation of a large bevy of open source NLP software components.
State of the Art in Human Language Technology
A 1996 book. Still worth to take a look., Inc - Developers of KnowAll - Natural Language Reasoning Software
A company selling an "answer engine" based on "organic intelligence".
InQuizit Technologies
A company basing its products on a "Concept Engine".
Software Tools for NLP
A great links list.

If you want other links, go to my bookmarks' TOP 25, and look for [TLN]. I'll certainly update them soon. Moreover, you can add some (please add "[TLN]" in the description, so that it can be easily found. TLN is the French translation of NLP).

Chatter bots

Again, a chatterbot from Robby Garner.
Java Chat Bot. Try it.
A.L.I.C.E. Nexus
Artificial Linguistics Computer Entity ALICE
My personal IRC chatter bot. Eliza-like, but with emotion (he likes or dislikes users according to what they say or what they do). ECTOR's ancestor.
Affective Computing research projects: Bruzard expression platform
Albert 2000 android personality emulator
The last Robby Garner's bot. I did not succeed in running it. :-/
A French-speaking chatterbot.
IRC Help bot. Similar to Achille, without emotion but with wildcards.
Intelligent User Interfaces
Luc's Bookmarks:Top:Informatique:Artificial Intelligence:Language:Chatter Bots
A list of links from Luc Hermitte.
Customisable Chatterbot applet
The Simon Laven Page
A reference for chatterbots!
Commercial simple chatterbot (but with a humanoid face).
Dotcomma AI Bot project
A project of an AI IRC bot. A challenge too.
ChatterBox Challenge
A less official site than then Loebner Prize
Archangelis, Ange
A Belgian company, which makes the Ange chatterbot (with speech synthesis). It uses what they call "reductionism".
Personality Forge
Build your own chatter bot. A great site with an active community.

If you want more links, go to my bookmarks' TOP 25, and look for [bot]. These links are updated more often! Moreover, you can add some.

François Parmentier (H_I on IRC)